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Our group has gone to Haiti four times since the earth quake. Six weeks after the earthquake hit, we packed 26 duffel bags and tubs with tents, tarps, medical and dental supplies and any other items we felt could be helpful to a country in panic. We slept in tents as all of the people were sleeping outside from fear of aftershocks. Our tents were given to families with no shelter but we could have used hundreds. The tarps were also given out immediately.

Two groups went to Haiti in September 2010. The groups saw over 3000 medical and dental patients. They were involved in the continued training of local Caritas health volunteers along with a nurse who will start to work in the area. We had a young Haitian man who recently graduated from dental school working alongside our dentists to improve his skills. He has now spent 8 weeks volunteering to the local people.

The fall group also included training for the local midwives. They have been given simple supplies to help assure safe deliveries.

We continue to combat malnourishment and protein deficiency through education, supplements (plumpynut) and increasing local food sources. Friends of the Children is in the planning stages of a food pantry to help the poorest of the poor.

Clean up is very slow in the country. While in Haiti six weeks after the earthquake, we met a group from Switzerland. The group was accessing areas in southeast Haiti to find the most needy for hut/home rebuilding. The area of LaMontagne has been fortunate in receiving some international funding for home repairs and rebuilding. The basic homes are approximately 12 X 14. The wood frame and tin roof homes are being built by trained local workers and have a concrete floors with tarps as temporary walls. They will need to be finished with stone and concrete walls and doors but in the interim, they have a dry place to sleep.

We thank our donors for past donations. We continue as your ambassador of donated funds and use the funds carefully and responsibly. Thank you for helping the people in the mountains of Haiti.

Our Mission is to provide caring response to the medical, Dental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the sick, destitute and impoverished children and adults of underdeveloped countries by our volunteer members giving of their time, talents and treasures. We are a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Since our inception in February 1998, we have safely and successfully completed 20 two-week missions to La Montagne, Haiti. Each of the mission trips has included 7-12 volunteers: physicians, dentists, RNs, physical therapists and others, with and without medical backgrounds. Treatment, education and prevention of diseases like malaria, intestinal parasites, typhoid fever, malnourishment, well-baby care, dental decay, periodontal disease and infection are just the highlights of our scope.

We are stewards, sharing our time, talent, treasure in support of a cause. A cause of humanitarian support and service. We are friends sharing two week periods of our life in service to our fellow men, women, and children. We are residents of Wisconsin, Illinois, Delaware, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, etc. Some of us are from Metropolitan areas, some from suburbia, others reside in small communities. Basically we are all people just like you.

We need your help! Learn more about how you can help our mission: Volunteer, Donate, Sponsor.

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